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Phang Offline

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02.11.2006 01:39
#16 RE: W400 from Singapore Antworten

Kawashima san, thank you for the detailed analysis. I agreed with your assumption of W400 having a lower ground clearance of 5mm compared to a W650. I scraped the left side of the center stand during a left turn. The left side of the stand will touch the ground before the left foot peg’s feeler. No problem at all for the right side. I will post a photo later to show you the scraped area on the stand.

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02.11.2006 04:07
#17 RE: W400 from Singapore Antworten

Can I have your email address Kawashima san, I have a few questions regarding the W650 engine.

Phang Offline

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11.02.2007 05:36
#18 RE: W400 from Singapore Antworten

Some updates on my W400:

I have bought a copy of original Kawasaki Service Manual (English) from Japan. As shown in the photo, I also installed a Kawasaki rear rack and a W650 center stand on my bike.

kawashima Offline

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12.02.2007 18:19
#19 RE: W400 from Singapore Antworten

Wow.Center Stand is nicely installed. Rear rack is also very useful option for additional luggage.
Pure black is nice color. Thanks for the updated photo!

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