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capitan_america Offline

Beiträge: 9

04.04.2018 14:40
18'' front wheel Antworten

Ich schreibe auf Englisch
Does anyone try to install 18'' front wheel.
Where I can request spokes, desirible length? How to calculate spoke length?
W650 uses 36 spoke wheel, so I could take any 18'' front wheel. F.e. russian motorcycle IZH Planeta has very good chrom plated carbon steel wheels with 36 spokes. I could replace it using the kawasaki hub with breaks.
I don't want to go faster, just want more harmony look. How much the trail will reduce? How it will influence the tracking?
What is your opinion?

Friedo Offline

Beiträge: 2.994

04.04.2018 15:02
#2 RE: 18'' front wheel Antworten

Hi Captain,

do you talk about the hole wheel or the rim? If you want to use another rim, you have to make sure that you get custom made spokes. I don´t know about the lengths and is dependent from the width of the rim! If you want to use a hole wheel, it is necessary that the axe has the right diameter and you need spacer for the axe to make sure the brake disc is in line withe the brake.


Falcone Online

Beiträge: 104.171

04.04.2018 17:23
#3 RE: 18'' front wheel Antworten

The planet has an other type of hubs. That's why you can't take the rims of the Planeta. The angle of the punch is another. The spokes would brake.


capitan_america Offline

Beiträge: 9

06.04.2018 11:34
#4 RE: 18'' front wheel Antworten

No, just rim, no hub.
Rims are good looking, crome plated.
Hubs are amful, not round, and very bad drum breakes

I see, different angle of spokes. Thanks for mention! Danke schon!

For example moto guzzi V7 use 18'' spoke wheels,
Triumph use both 17(cast), 18, 19'' wheels, depends of model, with the same frame and fork.

IMHO 18'' is more classic, 19'' more offroad/chopper

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