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MotoSapiens Offline

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15.06.2005 18:37
Why the Estrella? Antworten

Oops this is probably bad form - starting a new thread with only my second posting, but, I wasn't sure where to pose the above question.

Why the Estrella? Why did you choose the Estrella over all the other bikes you could have bought?

I have a loooong list of bikes I would like to own and within that the Estrella fell into the category of 'grey imports.' Usually from Japan, but they could be from anywhere in the world, grey imports are models which have never been officially imported into the UK. I already knew about many Japanese home market only models for many reasons, firstly I have a major obsession with motorcycles, secondly I have a minor obsession with Japan (since visiting The Great Japan Exhibition in London many decades ago), but that's another story, thirdly if I'm told I can't have something (by the importers) I want it even more!

So when I passed my test on a class of bike that restricted me to riding a bike of no more than 33 bhp for 2 years I just had to have a grey import.

Now I like classic bikes so I was attracted to the looks, I'm not tall so I was attracted to the seat height, I have a weak arm and shoulder so I was attracted to the upright riding position, I'd like to say I was attracted to the light weight of a 250 for the same reason but I don't think the Estrella is light for its class
And of course it comes in well below the power limit my licence imposes, which doesn't really bother me, I'm not interested in how fast it 'can' go or how fast I can accelerate to 60 mph (0-60: eventually) in fact every time I go out on the roads on my Estrella, I know I am pushing it to the limits of its performance, (in terms of top speed at least), how many sports bike or race replica owners can make that claim (and live longer than 2 weeks)?

That's not to say I don't think it should be able to go a little faster, it probably should, to make overtaking a bit safer - how about a 400cc Estrella now wouldn't that be ideal, like the Yamaha SRX 400, a 33bhp retro single, oh but those handlebars, the rearsets, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

I'd seen a couple of Estrellas for sale before I'd passed my test, but at what I thought was silly money then this one appeared on ebay at the right price. And I'm happy I bought it!

So, I chose the Estrella because it was already on my shortlist, it was the right bike at the right time and the right price and I value looks and comfort over outright performance.

What made you choose yours?

Ride safe.


..Scuffy's back...

phaedrus Offline

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15.06.2005 21:59
#2 RE:Why the Estrella? Antworten

In Antwort auf:
Oops this is probably bad form - starting a new thread with only my second posting, but, I wasn't sure where to pose the above question.

Don't be shy, I like what you have written. Welcome to the home of the mad.

By the way, I am planning to come to the North of England in just under two weeks. I am negotiating at the moment to rent a cottage near/in the Yorkshire Dales National Park for one week to ride my bike, take photographs and just to relax and a second week I will to a bit of touring wherever the wheels take me.

Have fun with your bike


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Cadfael Offline

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16.06.2005 19:40
#3 RE:Why the Estrella? Antworten

Hi Loui

well; it's very easy why I chose the Estrella.
Love at firt sight!

I made my riding licence in 1995 (13 years after my car licence). I never sat on or rode a motorbike before. It was the first time I went into a motorbike dealer shop and I suddenly fell in love with the Estrella!
At least I didn't buy it because I wanted to have a bike for touring through England. But I never forgot her and three years later I bought a red-black one as my "secondary bike". I'm having a second Estrella since January now (so all in all three bikes).
My primary bikes changed a few times, but the Estrellas always stayed!

Achtung, dies ist die Stellungnahme eines notorisch oberlehrerhaften und besserwisserischen Dummschwätzers

Estrellitan Offline

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25.06.2005 00:08
#4 RE:Why the Estrella? Antworten

Hi! Motosapiens.
How do you do! How is your bike life in U.K.? You enjoy safe riding?
Now, the reason why I chose Estrella is:

1) The classical shape. Everyone(even if he or she, younger or elder)says oh it's good shape. I had known Estrella since her debut in '92. My first impression about her was not on her shape, but why Kawasaki released. At that time, I thought she would not have so longer life in market. As test case, she might be exported to overseas market only in '94-95. Recently I've asked kawasaki's customer service any possibility of her new export, and they say it's possible if their overseas dealers request her.(but subject to clear the regulation of dischared gas in that country.)
My Estrella is RS'03 model and I bought it last summer. It was a good chance for the big sale of '03 model. Other bikes that were listed: Honda hornet,
kawasaki Balius.
2) Low cost of duty and maintenance etc.. for the 250cc class.
I appreciate her good mileage. It's aprox.35-37km/liter, If I take long touring, I expect more than 40km/liter.
3) Sufficient customize parts are found.
Near future, I'm going to change the silencer. I don't mean I don't like her nomal sound, but I'd like to enjoy other feeling of sound.

Anyway, let's enjoy wounderful bike life!

Thank you.

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