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Cadfael Offline

Beiträge: 2.299

28.05.2005 18:56
Estrellas World-Wide Antworten

Any question or remark concering Estrella models in your or other countries?
Any question or remark concerning taxes, insurances or surveys?
Are you looking for other Estrellas in your country?

Claire Offline

Beiträge: 31

29.05.2005 11:06
#2 RE:Estrellas World-Wide Antworten

Kia Ora

Claire from New Zealand here.

I would love to track down any other Estrellas in my part of the world New Zealand or even Australia. My 1994 BJ250A was imported to NZ by a German guy moving to NZ in 1997. I just love "Hubert" my Estrella and would love to see some more of these beautiful bikes in
New Zealand.

Just as a matter of interest the Women's International Motorcycling Association (WIMA) is having it's annual rally in New Zealand this year! It is being held in November in a place called Taupo (it is a Maori name pronounced Toe Paw). If anyone is interested please check out or the german site

Hei Kona ra (goodbye)


Claire Offline

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21.06.2005 11:21
#3 RE:Estrellas World-Wide Antworten


OK so it's not exactly an Estrella sighting but does an Estrella owner in Fiji qualify for "Estrellas World Wide".

Here in NZ it is cold and wet in the middle of our winter, so tomorrow we all fly out to Fiji for a week of sunshine to help us get through the next few months of cold weather.

Unfortunatly Hubert cannot come along for the plane trip, he will be tucked up in the garage with only "Maisey" the Jack Russell to keep him company. I'm sure all that sun and sand would be no good for his chrome anyway!

Hope you all have a lovely week and a special hallo and Happy Birthday Ursula.



"Ever noticed that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac"!

Steve Dabbeljuh Offline

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21.06.2005 20:01
#4 RE:Estrellas World-Wide Antworten

Have a good trip and get enough from the big sun!

ursula Offline

Beiträge: 3.879

21.06.2005 21:56
#5 RE:Estrellas World-Wide Antworten

thanks , Claire , just came in from the fire ( I really love my birthday being on midsummer night) - you have fun in the sun
I wish you a lovely holiday

ne, was seid ihr lieb zu mir [sniff]

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