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50Storms Offline

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28.05.2021 11:28
Hello Antworten

I have been viewing your forum for some time and thought I should at least introduce myself. I'm English living South Birmingham. I have a W650 which I have owned for 4 years. I trust everyone is keeping well in these difficult times. I'm hoping for the 'all clear' so that I can visit Friends in Europe again. Will any of you make the Ace Cafe reunion 4th Sept? Date to be confirmed. Regards

Friedo Offline

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28.05.2021 12:55
#2 RE: Hello Antworten

Welcome to our forum! Years ago a lot of us visited the Ace Cafe in London and we had a lot of fun, but in the meantime there are to many people and a lot of us decided, not longer drive to the Ace Cafe, but 2-3 people are almost there. If you visit Germany, we have a lot of meetings. One is our yearly big meeting at Ascension of Christ, mostly in the middle of Germany. Another meeting happens at Trendelburg, nearby to Kassel, on a camping ground, with people from different countries on two or three wheels.

f you want further information, our area Treffen / Touren gives you all you need.

Kind regards

Maggi Offline

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28.05.2021 13:20
#3 RE: Hello Antworten

Hello and welcome to our forum!

Ich springe hoch, ich springe weit,
warum auch nicht, ich hab' ja Zeit.
Frei nach H.E.

PeWe Offline

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28.05.2021 13:28
#4 RE: Hello Antworten

Welcome to us...

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..."ich weis längst, daß ich nicht Motorrad fahren kann, dass muß ich niemanden mehr beweisen!"

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